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  • We make trials easy to understand.
  • We help you identify which trials you may be eligible for...
  • AND help you identify which types of trials are right for YOU!

Why Participate?

  • Participation accelerates medical research which helps the whole community.
  • You can get access to enhanced care and possibly cutting edge treatments.
  • Some clinical trials provide modest financial compensation for time and medications.


  • Investigating drugs, diet, exercise, surgery, and more
  • Sponsored by industry, non-profit, or government


  • Surveys or similar
  • Low or no risk

Common Concerns

  • You control your participation and can leave a trial at any time.
  • You receive at least the standard of care with your medications.
  • The majority of past participants recommend clinical trials.

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"They gave me a free blood pressure monitor for me to keep and they took an EKG of my heart.... they were super-nice."